Obviously we hope that you intend to rejoin the club this year. It is the friendly and passionate personalities of all our members that make this such a fun club to be in!

Please remember that if you pay your membership fees by Opening Weekend (26th April 2014) and are a member of British Tennis, then you will be entered into our draw for the opportunity to buy Wimbledon tickets. This is an excellent opportunity to see tennis at one of the 4 grand slams, as Wimbledon’s own ballot closed in December, so you would otherwise have to pay for expensive package deals or queue overnight!

We would also like your help in promoting the club to new members. Included with this newsletter should be a flyer advertising the club. Would you be so kind as to pass this on to a friend, family member or colleague who might be interested in playing tennis, please?

The club will also be participating in the Great British Tennis Weekend by having an open mix-in on Sunday 29th June (middle Sunday of Wimbledon), so if you hear any of your friends talking about this event, encourage them to come to ours!