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B Team report – Winter Mixed League

Division 4

We’ve had a good opening first season in the new Mixed League and have thoroughly enjoyed the format. All our matches have been friendly and enjoyable, played in the usual mixture of rain, hail, wind and sun. In this division we played each team twice, which seems to have made it more intriguing and quite competitive for the second match! Also the ‘championship tie-break’ decider has been quite nailbiting at times! Fortunately, we seem to have secured enough points to move up a division next year, as with one match remaining we have won 3, drawn 1 and lost 1.

Many thanks to everyone who has played in the team.

Men’s Doubles – Winter League

Division 6

All matches played away as usual and while it was the winter league the first two matches in October felt warmer than the summer !

  • Romsey and Abbey :- Lost 5 to 4 very close and hot
  • Knightwood :- Won 7 to 2
  • Totton and Eling :- Drew 4.5 to 4.5
  • Thornden :- Won 5.5 to 3.5
  • Wellow :- Won 5 to 4 what a win !
  • Bassett :- w/o

A big thank you to the 9 players of many nationalities who supported the club , what colourful conversations! ( Italian, Polish, Mexican, Spanish, Dutch and a resident Scot )

Summary – won 3, drew 1, lost 1, w/o 1

This should mean promotion to Div 5 as runners up!

A Team report – Winter Mixed League

We took part in the top division this year, and we played a total of six games.

We had a very good start with two wins and a draw but then we lost two matches and finished with a draw against David Lloyd.

We were very lucky with the weather (although very cold at times) and my thanks to all who played, the standard is getting more difficult as more teams join the mixed leagues, so we have done well to maintain a mid-table position.

Club Tournament Finals 2014

The prizes the finalists were playing for.

The prizes the finalists were playing for.

Saturday 19th July saw the South Hants Lawn Tennis Club tournament reach it’s climax with Finals Day! This year, the finals were brought forward into the middle of the summer (rather than in September), and it resulted in a good turn out and a fun day.

The weather forecast predicted rain all day, but all we got was a short downfall early in the morning, which dried out before the first matches were played. All matches were played out in beautiful sunshine, while spectators snacked on cake and tea 🙂

The results from Saturday’s finals are as follows:

Ladies’ Singles

6-0, 6-0 (the score line doesn’t reflect the closeness of the match)

Men’s Singles

6-3, 6-1

Mixed Doubles

Jaco & Sanet
David & Ann
6-0, 6-1

Ladies’ Doubles

Kathryn & Ann
Sandra & Margaret
6-0, 6-0

Men’s Doubles

Paul & Graeme
Geoff & Isao
6-3, 6-2

Congratulations to this year’s champions and well done all who took part at any point of the tournament. We hope you had fun, and look forward to another excellent competition next summer!

Ladies’ Winter League

Division 2

There are those who think that tennis is all about winning. And there are those who think that it’s all about running around, having a laugh and then eating a nice lunch. Those in the second group had a great winter season. In our six matches over six months, all 12 uninjured female club members played least once, which must in itself constitute a success. Playing tennis outside in the winter always brings a lovely sense of freshness and freedom – except for the two matches where it was a little too fresh and the rain predictably wet. But that meant we cunningly moved them to two gloriously sunny weekends in March, when all you wanted to do was get outside and escape from your kids (or maybe that’s just me). In terms of running, laughing and eating, we undoubtedly triumphed. Those mean enough to glance at the scores would note five losses out of six – but the victory, it was magnificent – epic poems will be told of it in years to come, handed down from generation to generation.

This year’s organisation was a truly egalitarian affair. The “captaincy” was split between three of us (Jenny Harding, Caroline Gamble and myself) and the need for any effort was further reduced by all our lady members being wonderfully responsive. Many thanks to all, both for replying and playing! I hope you’re not too bothered by the minimal results, but that instead, the few games have kept the coals glowing, ready to burst into a fiery enthusiasm at our opening weekend. See you there for the start.

Men’s Winter League

 Division 5

The campaign started off on a rather wet note as the first match against Compton had to be abandoned after an hour’s play, and rearranged.

The next match against Totton ‘B’ was also played between heavy downpours but we managed to play to a finish, unfortunately losing 3 – 6.

This was followed by another defeat against Thornden ‘C’ by 3.5 – 5.5.

We finally achieved a victory against Bassett ‘D’ by 6.5 – 2.5.

The next match against Wellow ‘B’ proved crucial as a win (or as it turned out, a draw) would have ensured finishing outside the bottom two teams. Unfortunately, we narrowly lost 4 – 5.

A win in the next match against Compton ‘B’ would have still left us with a chance of avoiding a bottom two place. Once again this was a very tight game eventually finishing in a 4.5 – 4.5 draw.

This left the proverbial ‘mountain to climb’ as the last match of the season was against the Division winners Wellow ‘A’ and we were well beaten 1 – 8.

Unfortunately this left us finishing the season 6th of the 7 teams.

Many thanks to all who played during the season.

Winter Mixed League Report

The mixed league was new for the season of 2013/2014 and we had a very successful campaign.

There were wins against Portswood, Glebians, Totton and Eling and a draw against Lymington. The only two losses were against Jem Tennis in Hamble and David Lloyd.

However, it looks like we might progress to the top division next season. Everyone enjoyed playing two mixed doubles with a Championship Tie-Breaker to decide the match if it was one set all. My thanks to all who participated and I think more clubs will want to sign up next season for the mixed doubles winter format.

Summer Teams 2013 – Match Secretary’s Report

Apsley (Mixed)

‘A’ Team

The ‘A’ team started the season playing in Division 1 after relegation last year, with a good 7-1 away win against Glebian A, and a defeat of Hampshire Club C on our grass courts. The team then battled out a good away draw to Compton & Shawford A on a very windy day with 4 non ‘A’ team players helping out the team, but this was followed by conceding a match away to Sandleheath, due to being unable to field a team (the B team were also playing that day). The team then had 3 home matches, which were all won, with the best result being against Winchester B (5-3), the team that were also relegated last year, which meant that victory in the last match against local club, Bassett A, would mean that they would go back to the Premier Division as Champions, and win they did 6-2, to finish with 13 points.

‘B’ Team

The ‘B’ team were playing in Division 2, after avoiding relegation last year, started the season with a home defeat against Kingsgate, but then got their first points with a good 5-3 home win against Portswood A. This was followed by a close 5-3 home defeat to Hampshire Club D and a great 6-2 away win against Winchester C, so the first half of the season returned 2 wins and 2 loses. The second half started with three away matches, which resulted in only one point gained out of six (1 defeat, 1 drawn & 1 postponed against Swanmore B). This meant that for the second year running relegation was a possibility; a home victory against River Park would mean safety, but the rains came and the match was postponed, leaving no free Saturday to play the match at home before our courts closed for the season. And so it came down to two away matches against Swanmore and River Park to get the required points, but the first match resulted in a 7-1 defeat. This meant that, after looking at the latest tables, if the team avoided defeat by more than 5-3, they would be safe on rubbers. After the mixed matches the score was 2-2, so one more rubber would mean safety. The 1st Men nearly got this, losing 5-7 in the 3rd, but the 2nd Men of Christie and Geoff Parmenter, won a 3rd set tie-break, to gain the required 3rd rubber. The 5-3 defeat meant that they finished in the safe position of 7th with 5 points.


Hants & IoW

The Men started their Division 6 season, with a 9-0 away defeat to local rivals Bassett B, but this was followed by a Walk-Over from Kingsgate B. After that, there was two 8-1 score lines, firstly a defeat by Totton & Eling and then a victory against Waterside. After three consecutive home matches, the season finished with two away matches, against Thornden and Wellow. These matches resulted in two 6-3 defeats, leaving the team with 4 points and finishing in 5th position. The Ladies weren’t playing this season, as it was decided that it had became too hard to field teams, so they were withdrawn from the league.


What a season the teams had, promotion for the Apsley A team and a successful nail biting end to the B team’s campaign. Many thanks to all the players who played in the matches, particularly the members who helped out in the Apsley A matches, when the regular players weren’t available. Let’s make next year as successful, by making sure that we field full and the strongest teams, so please make yourself available to the hard working team captains, and by keeping your “Match Saturday” free of other events, if possible.


Club Tournament 2013 Results

Over the summer months, members of the club have been battling it out in the various club tournaments. The matches have all been resolved, and here are the results:

  • Mens: Geoff Prince beat Geoff Parmenter 6-3, 3-6, 6-3
  • Ladies: Sanet De Wet beat Kathryn Marcus 6-1, 6-1
  • Mens doubles: Daniele Froliani & Geoff Parmenter beat David Gilbert & Geoff Prince 6-3, 1-6, 6-3
  • Ladies doubles: Jill Guppy & Kathryn Marcus had a walkover due to injury over Caroline Gamble & Julia Muir
  • Mixed doubles: Sanet & Jaco De Wet beat Ruth Gilbert & Geoff Prince 6-2, 7-5

Congratulations to our victors, and thank you to everyone who took part in the Club Tournament for making it an exciting and competitive event. We hope you are all looking forward to next year’s!

Winter 2013/14 Fixtures

Ladies’ League Division 2

  • 13th October 2013 – David Lloyd – Southampton [postponed]
  • 1st December 2013 – Warsash A
  • 15th December 2013 – Swanmore B
  • 19th January 2014 – Compton & Shawford A
  • 9th February 2014 – Totton & Eling A
  • 16th February 2014 – Portswood

Men’s League Division 5

  • 13th October 2013 – Compton & Shawford B [postponed]
  • 3rd November 2013 – Totton & Eling B (lost 6-3)
  • 8th December 2013 – Thornden C
  • 5th January 2014 – Wellow A
  • 19th January 2014 – Bassett D
  • 23rd February 2014 – Wellow B
  • 9th March 2014 – Compton & Shawford B

Mixed League Division 1a

  • Saturday 19th October 2013 – Portswood (14.00 start) [won 4-0]
  • Saturday 16th November 2013 – Glebian (10.00 start)
  • Saturday 7th December 2013 – Lymington (14.00 start)
  • Sunday 26th January 2013 – Totton & Eling (12.00 start)
  • Sunday 2nd February 2014 – Jem Tennis (Hamble) (12.30 start)
  • Saturday 1st March 2014 – David Lloyd (10.00 start)