End-of-season and winter plans

Due to the pandemic, we opened late this year on the 30th May, following the guidance issued by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA). We saw a rise in our membership, as tennis became an even more attractive sport as being one of the first to re-open. New and on-going members were able to get out on our grass and enjoy the fun of the game whilst reaping the physical and mental health benefits. We would like to thank all of our members for abiding so readily and cheerily by the safety regulations put in place and for putting on a great show of tennis throughout the season.

We closed our grass courts on 20th September and the committee and groundsman have already begun work on improvements. We are working on increasing the drainage of the courts and improving the overall quality in preparation for their re-opening in April 2021.

Over the winter South Hants members do have a place they can call home. Members are playing at the Southampton Sports Centre courts, for a small additional fee, gaining exclusive access to courts on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings with discounted prices for bookings throughout the rest of-the-week.

Tennis is a great sport, which should be accessible to anyone who wants to play. If you have any questions about joining our friendly club, please do get in touch.