Ladies’ Winter League

Division 2

There are those who think that tennis is all about winning. And there are those who think that it’s all about running around, having a laugh and then eating a nice lunch. Those in the second group had a great winter season. In our six matches over six months, all 12 uninjured female club members played least once, which must in itself constitute a success. Playing tennis outside in the winter always brings a lovely sense of freshness and freedom – except for the two matches where it was a little too fresh and the rain predictably wet. But that meant we cunningly moved them to two gloriously sunny weekends in March, when all you wanted to do was get outside and escape from your kids (or maybe that’s just me). In terms of running, laughing and eating, we undoubtedly triumphed. Those mean enough to glance at the scores would note five losses out of six – but the victory, it was magnificent – epic poems will be told of it in years to come, handed down from generation to generation.

This year’s organisation was a truly egalitarian affair. The “captaincy” was split between three of us (Jenny Harding, Caroline Gamble and myself) and the need for any effort was further reduced by all our lady members being wonderfully responsive. Many thanks to all, both for replying and playing! I hope you’re not too bothered by the minimal results, but that instead, the few games have kept the coals glowing, ready to burst into a fiery enthusiasm at our opening weekend. See you there for the start.