Club Tournament 2014

The Club Tournament finals will be held on the weekend of 19-20th July 2014.

You may notice that this is significantly earlier than previous seasons (normally September). This was decided at the AGM, to try encourage more people to take part.

There are two consequences of this:

  1. Tournament matches will have to start earlier than usual. Therefore we will be asking people to sign up to enter the tournament over the Opening Weekend and the following week, and announcing the draw soon after. Please sign up promptly if you wish to take part!
  2. It will be the first drawn player/team’s responsibility to ensure the match is organised and played on time. Please ensure this happens, so other players/teams are not waiting to play.

The club tournament is excellent fun and accessible for any standards. It is a chance to play good tennis in a friendly environment, and will give you a slightly different experience to a mix-in.